Year of 2013 Admission:

(1)Day School:
4-Year Senior College Level Program(B.S. Degree)
5-Year Junior College Level Program
(2)Vocational School:
2-Year Junior College Level Program
2-Year Senior College Level Program(B.S. Degree)
6 Associate Professors (5 with Ph.D. degree).
4 Assistant Professors (3 with Ph.D. degree, including one Ph.D. candidates).
3 Lecturers .
Major Teaching Facilities:
(1) Beauty Care Salon
(2) Hair-Beauty and Design Classroom
(3) Color Make-up and Design Classroom
(4) Cosmetic Hygiene Classroom
(5) SPA, Beauty Care and Health Center
(6) Cosmetic Medicine Classroom Health and Body Trimming Classroom
(7) Aromatheraphy Classroom
(8) Aerobic Classroom
(9) Body Trimming Classroom Chemistry Lab.
(10) Cosmetics Preparation Lab.
(11) Cosmetics Analysis Lab.
(12) Cosmetics Research Lab.
(13) Biotechnology Lab. Beauty Care and Teaching/Study Center
(14) Hair-Beauty and Styling Salon
(15) Beauty Care and Body Trimming Salon
(16) Audio-Visual Lab.
(17) Department Library
(18) Department Conference Room
(19) Seminar Conference Room
(20) Faculty/Student Activities Hall
Curriculum Features :
Programs are emphasized in cosmetics science, professional knowledge of overall make-up design, beauty care and hair-styling skills. Courses offered include the followings:
Basic Skin Physiology、Nutritional Physiology、Nutrition、Food & Diet Therapy 、Laws and Regulations on Cosmetics、Cosmetic Hygiene 、Cosmetics Medicine、Introduction of Cosmetics Science、Aromatherapy and Hydrotheraphy、Health Spa Management 、Introduction of Natural Products、Biotechnology、Pharmaceutical Cosmetics、Surface Chemistry 、Cosmetics Analysis、Skin and Facial Care Practice、Color Make-up Practice、Hair Styling Techniques Practice 、Overall Make-up Design Practice 、Distribution and Inventory Management、 Japanese on Cosmetics、Practical English on Cosmetics、Cosmetics Information and Application 、Stage and Performing Art Practice、Special Topics on Cosmetics、 Beauty Care and Body Trimming Exercise、 Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Meridians 、Artistic Color Body Painting、Modern Esthetics and Art。
1.Emphasis in teaching of cosmetics technology and skills, beauty care and health promoting knowledge to provide student a broad solid background in cosmetology and to familiarize students with beauty care and hair-beauty skills to be cosmetic and beautician professionals..
2.Offered more courses in the areas of cosmetics regulation, consumer psychology, cosmetics marketing and survey, beauty industry management, distribution and inventory management, multimedia preparation, internet application, visual art and design to strengthen students' marketing and management concept and skills.
3.Planning more classes in the areas of beauty posing, hair styling and overall make-up design to cultivate students' professional esthetic and artistic senses.
4.Special emphasis on skill and technique workout to ensure that learning combines theory and practice. The beauty care and hair-beauty skill curriculum offered by our Department is among the best in college level. In addition, student's performance shows are held regularly to enhance the learning experience.
5.Offered more advanced classes in cosmetics special topics to train students to develop the ability to think and conduct research independently and also to work cooperatively as a team.
6.Site visits and tours to various beauty enterprises and corporations are also arranged periodically to meet the curriculum requirement and educational purpose. Well-known professionals or experts in cosmetology are often invited to give presentations or lectures to provide students updated industrial information and educational learning experience.
7.Set up hair beauty and skin care salon business in school to provide internship learning to prepare students for future career after graduation.
Other Information:.
1.Our department has been approved by Vocational Training Bureau, Labor Commission to be the school for national certification examination for beautician and hair-beauty technician.
2.College Championship in" 1999, 2000 and 2001 National Hair-Beauty and Beauty Care Contests."
3.Second Place, Third Place and Best Poise Winner in " 1999 National Miss Charming Poise and Friendly.
4.College Championship and Grand Group Championship in " 1999 Chinese Cup National Beauty Care and Hair-Beauty Skills Contest"
5.Championship in "1999 Miss China Pageant", representing our country to the "Miss Universal Pageant" contest.
6.Grand Group Championship in "2000 The 12th International Beauty Care and Hair-Beauty Skills Contest"
7.Championship and Best Poise Winner in "2000 National Miss Charming Poise and Friendly.
8.Group Winner in "2001 National Beauty Care and Hair-Beauty Skills Contest"
9.Group Champion in "2001 Beauty Care and Hair-Beauty Designers' Creativity Contest"
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